Tuesday, July 3, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed...

We have to hand it to them. These Uptown entrepreneurs don't give up. They have simply moved about 150 feet to the east of the currency exchange and have set up shop once again. We hope they are claiming this added income on their taxes. The police have been notified and we will keep you updated.


  1. Call Office of Homeland Security. Tell them of the terrorists trying to dismantle the capitalist system in Uptown. Or the Air Show is coming, call in the coordinates to the Thunderbirds . . . protect us, UptownUpdater!

  2. IDS-
    We need a permit to have a garage sale in Uptown or any neighborhood for that matter, yet these men are allowed to set up shop at a busy intersection and peddle goods freely? This is not a job for the Department of Homeland Security, although your sarcasm is slightly entertaining. This is a job for the city of Chicago and our alderman's office.

  3. Sorry IDS -- Uptown Updater is too busy trying to turn Uptown into Schaumburg to protect you.

  4. IDS and Center, what's your problem? The way I see it, any violation of the law is fair game for a neighborbood blog to complain about, especially when the violation is representative of the blight Uptown currently experiences. Uptown's got like a million of these problems, and it seems like none of them ever get addressed by the proper authorities.

    So what do you two want? Sounds like you want the status quo. Lame!

  5. You are soooo correct "Center."
    Now, we need to break ground on Ikea and Woodfield Mall and our plan will be complete!
    Thanks Concerned, we do value both sides of the discussion for and against, however ludicrous.

  6. I think because of, among other things, a basic intolerance and a rule-of-law rhetoric, which makes it so easy to tag the incaplebulls as part of the American Neo-KKKon movement in America.

    Concerned Resident, "Status Quo" is not really a valid choice. It is really a rather empty response, but I will never seek to have your right to express yourself denied. Nor would I seek to to stop asking questions, as simple minded as they are. I don't think you know blight. You know broken windows, I'll say that for ya, if you know what i mean.

    Uptown Updater, you're an ex-suburban, extremely anal, housewife ?

  7. IDS, you're obviously a real quality guy. Thanks for the interesting feedback on my empty rhetoric. Sorry if I harshed your mellow.

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