Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Then There Was Terra Cotta

We are now getting the first glimpse of the new terra cotta being added to the Riviera Building at Lawrence and Broadway. Looks like the folks doing the restoration are trying very hard to stay true to the buildings original appearance, which is great. New brick is being added as we write this. Our thanks to Larry Leland from BPN for tipping us off to the new addition. We were unable to view the pics he uploaded to BPN so we went over and took some ourselves.


  1. Unfortunately, the brick being used in the panels between windows appears to be utility brick--the stuff used on the sides and backs of buildings in communities where concrete block is no longer acceptable. Can't wait to see how the developer cheaps out on the cornice....

  2. Who, us?
    Well it wouldn't really be an "update" if it was a week after the fact now would it? =)
    Thanks for reading Christopher.