Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alta Vista Terrace

If you haven't had a chance to walk down Alta Vista Terrace and check out the amazing rowhomes, it's something you need to consider. You can get to this slightly secluded street by taking Sheridan south of Irving Park to Byron, taking a right and then a left on Alta Vista Terrace. Check out the pics.


  1. nice street
    clausterphobic pic however
    which doesnt convey whats special about the street,

    to do so you need to have a longshot that lets you see down the street and a horizon.

    you are guilty of serial

  2. Jeffo-
    We do apologize. You are right. We are working on getting a better camera to capture these and other special moments in Uptown. If you have any "non-claustrophobic" pics of this street, feel free to email them to us and we will add them to this post. In the meantime, its far better to walk over there and see this street for yourself. Its pretty amazing.