Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Uptown Sunday Morning


  1. Many small businesses choose to be closed on Sunday. For many kinds of people, they have different priorities Sunday morning.

    Also, aren't these particular businesses usually open (and busy) later in the day?

    If you're trying to highlight the security walls, they are common in other parts of the city, so they're no big deal to many other Chicagoans.

  2. Payless Shoe Source is a small business?

    JP, do you really live in Rogers park? If so, why are you even posting on this blog?

  3. JP,

    posts all over the internet. Anything related to Uptown and you can expect him to post at some point or another.

    It is annoying, as is he, but he can't seem to accept that he had to move. He used to have delusions of grandeur of saving the neighborhood from all the nasty property owners.

    I'm not a psychiatric professional, but I play one on TV, and I expect that one day soon JP is going to have a mental and emotional breakdown.

    Then he will have a reason to move back to Uptown to avail himself of the vast array of social service agencies around here.

    I'm glad I amuse myself.

  4. jp is delusional. The whole point of this thread is that Uptown is devoid of retail. We don't see this lack of retail in other surrounding neighborhoods, so there is no reason to excuse it in Uptown.

  5. yes, the point of the pics is obvious, and I'm sure we all agree that the streets should be full of activity on a Sunday morning in the Summer.

  6. On a happier note, CleanSlate (brought to you by SSA #34) is doing its job. After a Sat of beach traffic the street looks pretty clean.

    That intersection you used be full of trash blowing around.

  7. What time were these photos taken?

    If at 11:58 am, i can see a point. (though you should also respecta businesses right to not operate on a certain day/time).

    If it was taken at 6:58am, then it's an unfair representation. i don't see anyone walking the streets in those pictures, so it might make sense why a business chooses not to operate during that time.

    "concerned resident" -- Payless isn't a high traffic business compared to say Target or McDonald's. So though it's a franchise, i personally consider it more like a small business.

  8. What struck me about the pictures is we have to have roller doors over the Windows so they don't get bashed in or tagged. Uptown is NICE!

  9. These pictures were taken shortly before 9am.

  10. Thank you for posting the time.

    What did the residential streets look like at that time? Did they have similar traffic?

    Who did you see out at the street at that time?


  11. jp, perhaps you wouldn't notice because you live in Rogers Park, but the retail hasn't changed any since you left. It was empty when you left and it is empty now. It's empty. Does this surprise you any? Go in any neighborhood north, west, or south and you will see a noticeable difference.

  12. Just because it doesn't have all the businesses you want doesn't mean it's empty. i've seen neighborhoods South (like Woodlawn, Englewood, Roseland), West (Lawndale, Austin) and even North (Morse hellhole anyone?) and there are worse places out there, which ironically are part of the same city

    Those areas have far vaster stretches of desolation. And if they do have a business, it's either a liquor store, or (not a business, but as a renter) a church.

    If there are businesses, they are doing well if they have rolling shutters for night time. Many other ones rely on manual "cages", and bullet proof glass for take-out places & everything else (like post offices!)

    i posted on BPN & the Uptown Update article on the farmer's market - Sunday is a slow mornng ALL OVER the city (same # of markets on Sunday as Tues - Thursday -- way less that Saturday morning).

    That's why the city can shut down LSD for Bike the Drive with little fuss, or hold the marathons on Sunday mornings.

  13. The Lord is to Jesus People what Retail is to Uptown InCapablemen. Who is more righteous? Discuss . . .

  14. What you said doesn't make sense to me.

    Can you please explain??

  15. jp, you won't have much luck convincing us about your view of retail in Uptown. It's crap and it's why most of us leave the neighborhood to do our shopping. You make this a class war but it's just crappy shopping options. The farmers market is just another example.

    I have many friends of different incomes in my neighborhood and I still hate the shopping here.

  16. "If you're trying to highlight the security walls, they are common in other parts of the city, so they're no big deal to many other Chicagoans"

    No big deal? Nothing says "you're in an unsafe, high crime area" like security gates that block retail off from all pedestrian traffic. I find them unsightly and sends a very negative message to both residents and visitors of Uptown.

    Are they common in other parts of the city? In high crime areas!

    Regarding Payless Shoesource, the other nearest stores to Uptown are at Lawrence and Kimball and Broadway and Bryn Mawr. Neither of those stores have security gates and they are in areas that are economically comparable to Uptown.

  17. Can we get a tornado to come and just graze this corner? Just the east side of the street would be great.

  18. JP,
    What I mean is that most if not all of the Cappleman support, as I understand them, believe that beside less poor people in the neighborhood, salvation will be found with more retail around them. The Sunday morning photographer was putting his faith in that, is what I meant, like Jesus People going to pray.

    Re righteousness, because many of our Uptowners feel the right piss on the downtrodden, and many xtians feel righteous about their faith, and look down upon those without the belief in their faith.

    People who wish for for a tornado should be careful what they wish for. It's been like 30 yrs since the MLK riots, and many communitites still have not recovered from that. A tornado can do a lot of damage for a long time. It is no panacea, if you know what i mean.