Thursday, June 7, 2007

Not on Target?

We received this email today from Target Corporation:


Thank you for your e-mail regarding a Target store in Chicago, IL. As you might imagine, a lot of time and work goes into determining where and when to build a Target store. There's involvement by people in the private and government areas, and it may take months or even years to build a store. Sometimes Target is mentioned as an example of a possible store anchor for a project by a developer or city. I don't have any information about a store in the area you mentioned.

Please feel free to check with us again later this year and we'll be happy to look again.
Have questions about Target stores, products or service? You can give us a call at (800) 440-0680, or visit us on Either way, we're happy to help.

Thanks for shopping with us.

Target Guest Relations


  1. I'm pretty sure both Shiller and Holsten have stated outright that a contract has been signed. Could they both be flat out lying? I'm really asking here.

  2. If they are lying can't we get them legally for lying? Which I feel they are lying. I wouldn't believe Helen if her lips both upper and lower were notorized. We need a lawyer that lives in Uptown to come forward and help get Helen antics in the spot light. No Target is ever coming there it was just a play to get poor housing and Holstein cow the development.

  3. I think we should start an organization against Helen.

    Uptown Residents Against Shiller

    It would be nice to have one united group with that she knows we are against here. Get signs made up and put them in our windows so she can really figure out that most people in Uptown that own want her OUT.

  4. Send to suntimes along with backgound. Maybe they will publish an article. Getting the information out to the masses is key.

  5. Send to David Roeder at the Sun-Times, he was interested in Wilson Yard, and seemed to side with us in the past.

    We better get our act together or we will wind up with the largest Dollar store you have ever seen

  6. "It would be nice to have one united group with that she knows we are against here. Get signs made up and put them in our windows so she can really figure out that most people in Uptown that own want her OUT."

    Not to belabor the obvious, but we just did exactly that. It was the election this past February. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well.

    Hal Shipman.

  7. to: Hal
    No we weren't united. We need to form a group, fund it, meet regulary and get the work out what she is all about. And have our group go after her election fraud and keep the candidate running against her look clean. Also we need to start now not wait 4 years. People have short memories. Plus we need to get IL election law changed to it is more strick on residence requirements and people shouldn't be able to vote that aren't mentally combinate to take care of themselves. I don't believe she really one legally in the last election. But no damn group stood up to her. It's kind like we need a group in her face 24/7 telling her we want her out. She says move to Lincoln Park I say to her step down you piece of shit excuse for an alderman.

  8. Here is what Holsten emailed back to me:
    Good Afternoon XXXXXXX:

    On behalf of Peter Holsten, Target is coming. The Final negotiations are wrapping up on the paperwork – construction to get under way in September. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    So basically they are still negotiating so I would take that to me we have been lied to. So nothing is signed. Not even a letter of intent wich is common. If Holsten has a Letter of Intent he would be able to show it.

    Such Liars.

  9. That's interesting Niki-
    We were told that Target would break ground in August on Wednesday, now its September. One would think that if a huge new complex with Target and retail were coming to that spot, there would be a huge COMING SOON sign, listing the construction company, financiers, and so on. There is nothing. Go figure.

  10. Also, for Target Corp to have NO INFO on a Target that is breaking ground in less than 3 months is interesting.

  11. I sent an email to Holsten and got this response from "Niki":

    Unfortunately, Target doesn’t allow signs until construction is under way, which is scheduled to begin in September. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  12. Let's face it, Target was just used as a land grab for Holsten and Shiller. It makes me sick how crooked these Alderman that work for us are and only the Feds can investigate them. What's up with Truman College parking lot? I have never seen such an ugly looking parking lot.

  13. Also send the letter about Target to city council - each alderman- and the mayor!

  14. I'm not one to outright call someone a liar, but I do find it odd that there's been such resistance to showing the questioning public a copy of the "signed" contract "that's still being worked out".

    As for starting any organization which has a purpose of being against an alderman, while it may be an outlet for a number of people, it also turns off a high number of other people who you are wanting to persuade. The best bet is to join a local organization that works to improve the neighborhood for everyone, and that can serve as the wake up call for people who remain undecided about where they stand with the current alderman. Joining such an organization will have your work holding her to the fire to be accountable to the community.... and that's her worst threat.

    In most aldermanic elections, the odds of beating incumbents are around 10%. Running against a 20-year incumbent who easily outspent me 2-to-1, was an uphill climb, but to get 47% of the vote was HUGE and it did send a clear message to the current alderman (and her supporters) that her voter base is slipping if a first time runner with no political history can do so well against her. I have been told that this past run now has her questioning if she should run again.

    There are so many obvious cracks in the Wilson Yard development that it is no wonder that people are questioning Target's motivation for moving here. Holsten and Shiller are obviously on the defensive about the plan, but all they would have to do is to show us the contract. They know that. We know that, and they haven't done it. So for now, we must rely on outside sources to learn the truth.

  15. What organizations would you suggest? I've already joined my block club, but want to do more.

  16. But James that is exactly the reason you didn't get elected is because you were so careful not to alienate anyone. And I heard from some people they were voting for Helen because you weren't going to be any different(basically because of your careful stance on the crazies and homeless in Uptown). I heard that a night of one of your get together.
    Shiller is dirty and the only way to win against someone that is dirty is to fight back with all you have and facts. You can throw out all the stats you want about beating and incumbent but you need to also put together stats for peoples such as how many homeless shelters/nut houses and half way houses Uptown has compared to other parts of the city. Also the crime rate.
    I know they are lying about Target I would hope you have better connections with the news media and other Alderman that you could get the Sun Times and Tribune to do an investigation into what is really going on.
    Shiller lies and continues too and no one calls her on it. I don’t get it. Do we have any attorney’s in Uptown that want to get involved. Can’t we file a some type of lawsuit and get a judge to subpoena any contracts they have with Target.
    I am so sick and tired of Chicago government operating secretly. We need full transparency from our elected officials.

    I voted for change but my vote was cancelled out by Shiller's nut jobs that can't even take care of themselves and the ones she bribed to vote for her.

  17. As far as block clubs I tried to join mine but no one ever got back to me. So the heck with them. We need one united Uptown organization to follow what Alderman Shiller is saying and doing. One that is financed well. One that has a back bone.

  18. In an election there are no second places. So no matter how close you come in the end winning is all that matters.

    We didn't send any message to Shiller other than she needs to work hard as hell in the next 4 years to screw those of us she doesn't like over in Uptown and line her pocket book with all kind of crazy projects that she wants like Wilson Yard.

    A circus monkey would be a better Alderman than her.

    I bet in the end it will be an Aldi and low income housing.

  19. During the last election Lorraine Swanson of the Pioneer Press was very interested in what was going on in Uptown. I bet she would like to investigate the latest turn of events with Target.

  20. Anyone who read my campaign materials, who heard me speak, and who viewed my website received information that provided a very clear difference between me and Ald. Shiller. Both Ald. Shiller and I are strong advocates for the poor; the difference is that I believe in the use of "best practices" that have documented success with empowering the poor to become more self-reliant. It would be incorrect to say that "I'm on the side" of one particular group of people. I continue to want smart urban planning that seeks a vibrant, diverse, walkable community with shopping & entertainment opportunities for most of the residents who call Uptown their home.

    As far as what we can do to make the community better...CAPS is one good avenue to go. There are obstacles to making a CAPS beat effective, but it just takes one person committed to making it go in that direction, and it can happen. I have seen it work, and it's working in my beat. The same is true with block clubs. If a block club isn't being effective, then we need to personally take steps with our own block club to make it effective. It's not easy and it's not quick. My own block club needs work and I've joined with others to make ours stronger... but there's more work to do.

    In the meantime, there is very strong reason to believe that there are some serious problems with Target that we are not hearing about... yet. We are fortunate to have one or two reporters who still believe in investigative reporting, so expect to hear more about the Wilson Yard at the right time.

    Whatever the case, Uptown's fate is not dependent on one person... the alderman. We are giving her way too much power if we believe that. Huge changes have occurred despite the Alderman. The community placed pressure on getting the park curfew enforced, on getting child sex offenders living close to schools and playlots to move, on stopping the common practice of dropping of released homeless prisoners into the streets of Uptown, on getting better CHA management, on getting an SSA established to pick up all the litter in the area, on getting the blue light installed... the list goes on and on. NONE of this would have occurred without active involvement of the community... and we're not going away.

  21. Why not send a FOIA to the Dept of Planning Don Honenadal? He has to answer and if he lies well that is an issue for the Illinois Attorney General and her FOIA investigator. If any contract exists, it is reachable by FOIA

  22. James most people that vote don't read and only hear sound bites not me but most people. I am sorry that is the reality of the Citizens of the US. All of use that met you and read your campaign material voted for you.

    Also most people don't understand what best practices mean.

    Frankly, I like a lot of Uptowners are not against lower income. What I am against and they are against is all the poor that all they do is cause problems in Uptown and pray on us people with the huge mortgages that give a damn. I really don't appreciate beer cans being thrown at me as I walk down Sheridan. In fact there is a good part of Uptown I avoid because of the rift raft.

    I am not talking about working poor I am talking about poor that think they are entitled.

    Your base in Uptown is those of us that go to work everyday whether we want to or not becasue we have obligations to our family and our community.

    I moved from a worse part of the city was not bothered at all compared to Uptown.

    No I don't want the non-working people living in Uptown and I am not afraid to say it.

    Every where but Helen's ward has greatly improved over the last 7 years.

    We need a community organization with alinged goals to raise money as whole for all of Uptown and for candidates that share our vision of what we want Uptown to be.

    I take it you plan on running in 4 years and I think you would be great but I also think you need to clearly seperate yourself from Helen with a completely new vision for Uptown or else you will lose again.

  23. By the way:
    Who endorsed Cappleman?

    Didn't Tunney and Daly endorse Shiller?

  24. Thanks. I will say this about my future campaigning, and perhaps it will help... I have consulted with a number of experts who have incredible expertise in running campaigns. I just got back from another intensive training workshop and learned a great deal. I will put what I've learned to good use. The good news is that rather than 5 months of campaigning, I have a much longer time, and that time will be put to good use. Some of what I have learned will go against what some people believe is the right thing to do to win. I am more inclined to accept the opinion of experts over well-meaning supporters, but regardless, I remain open.

    As a novice in all this, I remain elated that I did as well as I did. Of course I'm still disappointed that I didn't win, but oh so much wiser. Beating any incumbent alderman is an incredible feat in Chicago because the odds of a challenger winning are less than 10%. An alderman has to be really really bad or out of touch not to win. Gaining the support of other elected officials, developers, and local businesses is remote for the challenger because of the repercussions that follow if the challenger doesn't win. I knew a number of community leaders who openly supported Shiller and gave her money, but who did not want her to win.

    Obviously, I can't go into detail about my strategy, but the strategy is there and it's supported with what works. It will be ethical, but it will be tough.

    I'm already hearing many rumors about the next election, and for now, I will treat them as rumors. Regardless, I will be prepared.

    In the meantime, and back to the topic about Target, it's not over until the "size-challenged" lady sings.

  25. I am not convinced you can win against Helen and I don't think it has anything to do with being the incumbent. A lot of us are sick of the machine in Chicago and the lack of transparency to the average citizen.
    I would like a straight talking politicians that can think on their feet respond well under pressure but not get emotional. I also don't want someone that has to learn or feels they do. I want someone that is a go getter and can do what ever the heck it takes to win. As long as the law isn't broken. Now ethics are another thing. Everyone's idea of what is ethical is different. I won't say any of the Chicago Alderman are ethical. Don't preach to us or write nice letter. Tell us what the heck you can do for Uptown.

  26. Do we need another social worker type Alderman in Uptown? Isn't that part of the problem. It's like a loony bin up here.

  27. How are you doing, Tanya?

  28. James, James James - the reason why you lost is that you relied on experts who don't live in the ward, who don't vote in the ward and didn't understand how hs operates - since you finally admitted to not listening to committed community members and volunteers (who by the way your organization did not utilize fully or correctly, thanks to your experts) I now know why so many people stayed home - James do you really think that nursing home residents have more of stake in uptown than others? Do really think that giving $20 to drunks and druggies doesn't happen? Look at your numbers in those nursing home/shelter precincts, if your experts were so smart, why dear man, didn't they have you spend money on voter challenges and why dear man didn't they have you get "your" people out in early voting? When I called your campaign office the person who answer did not know the precincts nor the street location and did not get back to me - so if the friggin experts are so expert why didn't they realize these things and have you react accordingly - experts are paid, people who volunteer and want to be part of the change in uptown have passion and should be held in higher regard than some "expert" Sorry, you just lost my vote - as I am not an expert but I do know that politics is about inclusion and making people feel part of something bigger and that my dear social worker friend is something that you did NOT do... Sorry James but being for the poor is not enough, going to meetings is not enough - you need balls to defeat the scum that is hs. cheers

  29. Speaking of balls, if you are such a know it all about politics, why not run yourself? Let's see if you can do any better.

  30. To the one or two anonymouses ago

    you can't convince anyone to vote. they either plan to vote or dont plan to vote. whoever is running has little do do with it. that's just the way they operate. if you know different, show me where its true. ivoted for Mr. Cappleman because he has some integrity. if he had behaved like shiller, i would have voted for shiller rather than start over again with the same ole same ole.

    you are also not convincing me that you ever preferred Cappleman over Shiller. did you contribute money to his campaign? did you volunteer? are you mad because he didn't listen to your expert opinion because only you know whats right? or did you just bitch? who do you think would have been better to run than Cappleman? you sound pathetic to me.

  31. That's part of the problem with James campaigns as well. I did go and help get peoples signed up in my building. But every time I turned around I was getting calls to do more volunteering. It got real annoying frankly and was a turn off and then when I wanted to talk to James about things he totally dismissed me and talked down to me.

    I suggest if he runs again there is newspaper advertising and cable TV adds that would get the word out more.

    Also I wanted a James sign for my window and called about it and I was told I had to pick up the sign. Give me a break. I work a full time job if I was running a campaign and someone wanted a sign I would get it to them at their convenience.

    Someone said something about giving money. Do you have to give money to be able to talk to James?

    Someone talks about integrity? There isn’t much in politics.

    You should listen to all your voters even if you disagree over listening to experts.

    I am only bringing this up because I care and did vote for him. You should be able to accept some criticism and take it for what it is. If you can't handle critizism you can't handle the job of alderman.

    Finally, just from the aftermath of the campaign and some of the stuff I have seen here I am not so sure Helen is all bad and James is all good!

    This isn’t Mayberry and I also don’t think block clubs are that important.

  32. You sitting on your ass and expecting someone to rush out to give you a sign takes real gall. Everybody working on his campaign was working full time. All these campaign experts. If your such an expert, get yourself hired out as a campaign consultant.

  33. this conversation might be mute as the ward boundaries will be changed in 2010 - chances are hs buddy richie will make the ward boundaries favorable to hs and probably put any potential challengers residence outside the ward - remember, when southport was in hs ward it was a hell hole, in 91 when the 46 ward boundaries were re drawn and the area went to the 32/ and 44th ward, the area took off... we can learn from the past kids

  34. Ok, folks. Lets make commenting a bit more easier. You can select OTHER under the "Choose an Identity" and use any name you want. You don't have to be signed in to blogger. That will keep things a little more understandable when replying to "5 anonymouses ago."

  35. Anonymous said...
    You sitting on your ass and expecting someone to rush out to give you a sign takes real gall. Everybody working on his campaign was working full time. All these campaign experts. If your such an expert, get yourself hired out as a campaign consultant.
    ===================== respones:
    I think you are all pissed just because you couldn't pull a win for James. It shows and your anger comes through as did James on WTTW Chicago Tonight. You are very dismissive to your voters not inclusive. I thought you were different than HS.

    It takes more gall you can't accept constructive criticism. So the Cappleman campaign only wants to hear from people that agree with them and will follow anything or anyone.

    I voted for him but with the comments I am seeing on her from some of his supporters I surely will take a fresh look at it next time. Your anger toward someone interested in him wining just amazes me!

  36. I'm somewhat older than Mr. Cappleman but I remember John F. Kennedy saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It's sounding like this person is more focused on what Cappleman's campaign team could do for him. If he was so interested in getting Mr. Cappleman elected, what exactly did he do to help out?

    If he can't see any difference between Helen and Mr. Cappleman, then he was never a supporter in the first place and he is a troll pretending to have been a supporter. It's rather obvious.

    Anyone casting a vote based on his supporters has their priorities off. Does he do the same with selecting a presidential candidate? If you want to base it on supporters, Helen's supporters proved many times over that they are crooks.

  37. I don't get it explain to me what is wrong with different people having a different opinions? I see valid points that have been raised here. From the person that wanted a sign and no one would deliver to the comment the person could have picked it up.

    But why the hatred because someone has an idea or is opionated. Isn't that what our system is about. btw--who's blog is this anyway? I am really dumbfounded on things I have seen here beating up people on the same side of the fence.

    I think everyone on here want's a better 46th ward.

    I can see how a supporter would get turned off when certain peoople don't want to even hear what they have to say becuase is contrary to what they believe. And then to call someone not a true supporter. That's just childish. Is their a litmis test for a true supporter? That's like saying someone that wasn't born an Uptowner doesn't have any right to vote or be a part of the process.

    God and you all are probably my neighbors. Yikes!!!

  38. Yep, this guy critcizing Cappleman seems so, well, wrongheaded. I actually think there's some merit to some of his criticisms, but for him to imply he'd vote for Shiller over Cappleman because his advice isn't being taken? Get over yourself dude. The world doesn't revolve around your ego.

    Putting that douchebag aside, I will say that Cappleman could stand to toughen up a bit and engage a little bit more in some bareknuckle politics. Of course there's some danger in that - you don't want to lose your integrity and alienate part of your base. But on the other hand, this is Chicago politics we're talking about - if you're not willing to throw an occasional, well timed and calculated elbow, you just ain't gonna succeed. And call me a moral relatavist if you want, but I think you can still play tough and maintain your core integrity.

  39. Wow, what nice things to call your neighbors.

    Uptown is Classy!

    I haven't been in Uptown that long and I did vote for James. No me voting for him has nothing to do with him taking my advice.

    But just to say you are different that Helen isn't enough. He has no experience with politics or government and how it works. That comes through time and time again.

    I have never seen anywhere where people on both side are so bitter at one another. It's crazy!

    If Helen is so corrupt she would be in jail right now. Some of the stuff I have seen on here and some of my personal dealings with Helen office on an Uptown issue have given me a chance to re-think things.

    Call me what you want I don't care I am big boy I can handle it. You can't please everybody.

  40. I'd like to take a moment from this important debate and remind readers of the purpose of this blog. We want to encourage interest and communication among Uptown residents. We want to see Uptown become a vibrant neighborhood where we not only live, but shop, work and entertain.

    We see a communication void in the ward - something that really hurts progress. There are many people in Uptown who want to make the neighborhood a better place - hopefully, this blog will encourage others to do something positive for the neighborhood rather than complain about a past election.

  41. Certainly people are welcomed to give me constructive feedback. I’ve been criticized for being too tough and I’ve been criticized for being too soft; for spending too much on a particular line item on my campaign to spending too little for those same line items; for spending too little time with certain people to spending too much time with those same people . . . If you get my drift, I am very used to a wide assortment of conflicting opinions.

    Getting criticized goes with running for alderman. Please keep in mind that your idea is more likely to grab my attention if it can be supported with evidenced-based campaign strategies that have been shown to work well elsewhere in other similar type districts. Whatever strategy I use, it will include the use of integrity. If that’s what I expect of elected officials, then that’s the way I need to live my life now.

    I have often said that too many of us wince when we think of Chicago politics. I believe when we use an office to exert power over others, we contribute to voter apathy. My goal is to contribute to resolving that dilemma rather than contributing to it.

    Are there better people out there who should have run? Well, a selection committee interviewed 4 different people and I was chosen as the person believed to have the best chance of winning. Nothing prevented anyone else from running if that's what they wanted to do. If another person wants to also run in 2011, that person is welcomed to throw his/her name in the ring the next time around.

    Enough said. I believe this thread should remain focused on the real crisis at hand for right now . . . the Wilson Yard and Target.

  42. that explains a lot you were chosen to run i was not aware of that.

    any news on Target? When is the ground break celibration?

  43. All we can say for now is that Peter Holsten is stating that construction for Target is set to begin in September. He has been off target (no pun intended) before on construction startup dates, so we will see. I have my own opinion about when it will happen, but like everyone else, it's just my opinion.