Monday, June 25, 2007

"Il Fiasco" Opening Soon at Clark and Carmen

From Metromix:
Il Fiasco
5101 N. Clark St.

We had to wonder why any restaurant would call itself a fiasco – we're envisioning a dinner disaster – but it seems it's also the name of those wicker-wrapped wine bottles, usually seen holding those drippy candles in old-school Italian spots. This Fiasco, which is opening in the former Rioja address in Andersonville, is aiming to play up the latter with a few of those bottles on the wine list, and a few more as subtle decor accents.
Owners Michael and Natalie Moore (the original owners of Lincoln Park's Pasta Palazzo and founders of Lakeview's Twist) are bringing on a still unnamed chef to create the Tuscan-focused menu – we do know he clocked kitchen time at a posh spot in London and a Michelin rated spot in Tuscany. The Moores rehabbed the space (and ditched the oversized fish left from Rioja's predecessor Atlantique); the space now features red banquettes, black-and-white mosaic floors and a new granite bar top in the lounge. Target opening date: early July


  1. Do you think they picked the name before or after they found out that the neighboring building is being converted to an SRO?