Friday, June 22, 2007

A Farmers' Market for Everyone

The Farmers' Market in Logan Square (which is conveniently held on Sundays) is piloting a program that allows Illinois LINK card users (electronic food stamps) to purchase products from the weekly Farmers' Market.

Maybe this innovative idea could be implemented in Uptown? Holding the event on the weekend increases participation by both farmers and residents, and the accepting the LINK card allows people in all economic classes to afford to buy fresh produce (and bakery items!) in their own neighborhood.

See the story in the Chicago Tribune here.

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  1. i appreciate the info on the pilot program...that indeed would be good news.

    A future aldermanic candidate could score quite the coup if they were able to be instrumental in getting the LINK program at Uptown's market (since we all know Helen SHiller won't push for it, right?)

    The Scheduling issue is separate (i think many LINK card holders can make it during the week). It's certainly a reasonable (& positive) thing to ask for .

    i posted the following on BPN regarding the "official" scheduling. There are also other independent markets that may be worth pursuing. Again, another coup could be scored if you can (and no reason not to) go behind Shiller's back and get one of those independents to come. Maybe Starbuck's would be willing to use their space (and sell coffee & their items too).

    The timing, at least, of the Farmers' Market is actually NORMAL for the city. In looking at the city's web site Home > Your Government > City Departments > Special Events > Farmers Markets , 42% of the markets are on Saturdays. They are then distributed evenly between Tues., Wed. Thurs. and Sunday

    If you factor in the Downtown markets, that number drops to only 1/3 of the markets, with Thursday being the day with the second largest # of markets (and not Sunday, as people in this thread Complaining about Sunday Morning would expect to be the largest demand.

    Tuesdays, Streeterville & Lincoln Square have a farmer's market. Wednesday, Chatham has one, and Thursday Hyde Park. Those neighborhoods are just as good as Uptown, Lakeview or Edgewater, and the people work just as hard as you.

    There's no conspiracy regarding Uptown scheduling -- it's not any different than several other neighborhoods in the city.

    Also, when do people go to work? Does everyone really leave at 7:15 am? If you work downtown, you should be able to hit the market when it opens, pick up something & head straight to work.