Thursday, June 14, 2007

Aldi Should Be One Shopping Cart Short...

For the past few weeks we have noticed a new Aldi cart that has been periodically chained to a bike rack or tree in front of Jimmy John's on Wilson. It disappears for part of the day, then returns. All of the Aldi signage has been removed, but it is clearly from the new store. The shopping carts must be a hot commodity as we have seen more in the alleys and on the street than usual. Any ideas? Is this a job for 311?


  1. Uh, yeah. Absolutely. Anyone who sees it should call 311. Next time I eat at Jimmy Johns I'm going to tell them about it and ask that they call the cops too.

  2. A handy pair of wire cutters can work wonders and then walk it back to Aldi's. You could also call Aldi's and let them know about it. Those carts are worth a couple of hundred bucks.

  3. Don't they have the "insert-a-uarter" device -- or did they get new carts?

    The device keeps most of the carts in place. If there isn't someone willing to help you with your groceries so they can return the cart, then there's always someon ready to turn in the cart to get the quarter after they're done.

    If they dropped the device, they NEED to get it back -- it will DRAMATICALLY reduce the number of Aldi's carts.

  4. I agree, call Aldi and give them a chance to come get the cart.

    If they don't, call Don at Streets and San and explain the cart's "appearance hours." S&S guys will show up with chain cutters and either dump the cart (if it's in bad condition) or return it to the store (if it's in good condition).

  5. JP-
    The new carts at Aldi have the quarter-insert device. That had been REMOVED from this cart in addition to any Aldi signage. Someone is planning to keep this cart obviously.

  6. hey that is thems peoples mobile home

    they are poor let them alone don't mess with their moble home

    isn't it ok to steal em if you are homeless.

    there is one chained in an alley near me.

  7. What's the big deal, who cares? Can't Aldi take care of itself? Is the problem hogging the bike rack? Someone might have a very good use for the cart that you could not imagine.

  8. Of course it isn't an urgent issue, but in no way does that parked shopping cart help the neighborhood. It's a public eyesore so I'm all for streets and sanitation coming to take it away. As far as the homeless person's need for it, well, I don't know. It seems the status quo ain't helping him/her too much either.

  9. A parked shopping cart cannot help or hurt a neighborhood. Sure, it's not a status symbol of how much money we can spend. I'm sure you'd be happy if a Hummer was parked in front. Since it comes and goes, someone appears to be using it, it is not abandoned. Maybe you should first talk to the person using it, but the fact is that you don't give a rat's ass about the person using it or what alternatives he/she has.

  10. We hate Hummers.
    We take public transportation everyday. The fact is, this cart was obviously STOLEN and VANDALIZED. We imagine that carts are not cheap and it does hurt the businesses they are stolen from. Thats the bottom line.

  11. "Since it comes and goes, someone appears to be using it, it is not abandoned. Maybe you should first talk to the person using it, but the fact is that you don't give a rat's ass about the person using it or what alternatives he/she has."

    What a load of crap you spout.

    1 - It's stolen. That trumps whatever "need" the person has for it. If it were a stolen Hummer or BMW or Kia, I'd feel the same way.

    Do private property laws, the foundation on which the U.S. Constitution and legal code are based, mean nothing to you? If an item were stolen from your home or if you were mugged on the street, would you be so blase about it? If so, perhaps you should move somewhere that the government believes in communal property. The U.S.A. ain't it.

    2 - The stolen cart is cluttering up the public way. I use sidewalks. I bet you, your friends, and your kids do too. The sidewalks are for the use and safe passage of the citizenry, not for the storage of stolen goods.

    3 - It's so "cute" that the thief takes someone else's stuff, yet chains it up so no one takes it away from him or her. Apparently it's okay for the thief to take items that someone else has paid for, but the thief fears someone with equally low morals will take the same item away from him or her.

    4 - I don't care about childhood or the circumstances that led the person into a life where stealing and docking a shopping cart are okay. You mention "alternatives," right?

    Well, the thief has a freaking neighborhood FULL OF ALTERNATIVES. Uptown is the DISNEYLAND of alternatives. There are literally a hundred agencies within walking distance of Jimmy Johns where our thief has the option to change his/her life. Obviously our thief has no interest in taking advantage of any of them.

    If you think living on the street and stealing from the local stores is such a great lifestyle choice, then perhaps YOU should move to Lincoln Park, where there are very few "alternatives." Here in Uptown, my neighborhood, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of agencies whose sole reason for existing is to take such a person and help him/her escape such a life.

    There's no reason for our thief not to take advantage of the bounty of alternatives that are here, yet our thief has chosen not to. Giving a polite and tolerant nod of assent to stowing stolen goods on the street is enabling the thief to continue a life of stealing. If having the shopping cart removed and returned to its righful owner helps spur the thief into joining the social service system and leaving that life behind, then I'm all for it.

    So, anonymous, tell us why you want to keep the thief on the streets instead of helping him or her get a better life....

  12. It's f'en funny some of you people take things so seriously. Get a life. Yes it's stealing, yes it's wrong. It's not the worst of my hood Uptowns problems for sure. Cut the cart lose and take it back to Aldi's or cal 311.

    Wire shopping carts cost about 150 dollars but less than that for the Target's and big stores that buy them in the thousands.

  13. Shouldn't the tape from that police camera mounted up above resolve the identity of the mystery thief? Has anyone considered calling our police?

  14. caring neigbhors - right on... I agree zero tolerance is the only way we can win -

  15. Doubt anyone will read this...but really, why make such a big deal?

    It's bad someone stole it....but to me, it seems pretty odd and rare.

    Most people who shop at Aldi ar too cheap to let that quarter go.

    And even if they did, there's usually someone willing to walk the few feet to get the free quarter.

    Generally, it's a system that works, and saves Aldi customers money since they generally don't need to pay for someone to return the carts or replace them very often.

    If more of "the community" shopped there, they might observe the cart getting stolen & do something about it other than complain on a blog.

  16. JP Paulus, you must be talking about the ALDI's up there in ROGERS PARK where you live. As for making blanket characterizations about those of use who live in Uptown, don't be so sure of your stereotyping. I've shopped at Aldi's every week for years.