Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where We've Been, and Where We're Going

We think its important to know where we have been to know where we are going. Many of the buildings in these photos are long gone, but most of you will be able to recognize the vantage point. Enjoy.

Wilson and Sheridan Road. The Billiards building on the right is where the current day McDonald's stands. You can see the North Shore Congregational Church on the left (nowadays the Uptown Baptist Church).

Another view of Sheridan and Wilson facing north. Notice there is no sign of a boarded up Burger King on the corner.

Election night returns being projected on the current day Border's Book Store.

Photos Courtesy of: Chicago Historical Society


  1. The photos are great. You can see a bunch of vintage photos of Chicago neighborhoods here.

    For some readers of WTH, you will recognize some of the photos used in certain videos.

  2. For some readers of WTH and Uptown Update, you will recognize that some of these (uncredited) photos come from the Chicago Historical Society

    It's always polite to credit sources.

  3. Great photos...

    Just some technical historical deatils.

    The church at the time was actually "North Shore Congregational Church"

    Uptown Baptist took over the building in 1981, invigorating the inside with much work in the name of Jesus to the Uptown neighborhood.

    If that didn't happen, the church might have had the same fate as the buildings where the former Burger King & current McDonald's stand. Buena "Memorial" Prebyterian Church did NOT have a vtal church inside after people moved out in the 60's, and more & more, very few people will remember that it was ever there.

  4. Agreed Emma-
    Thanks for bringing that to our attention. These photos had been on our harddrive a while and its good they are seeing the light of day with proper sources.