Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Status of Theatre District Lofts Phase 2?

We were wondering where the Theatre District Lofts Phase 2 stood in terms of progress. The website shows all but 9 units sold. This building, when complete, will dwarf the Bridgeview Bank nearby at 21 stories and become a landmark building at Broadway and Lawrence. We have an email in to the developer and are awaiting a response. Feel free to comment here as well.


  1. Good luck with the reply. I've tried to email several people/firms connected with this project with the same basic question and haven't gotten a reply yet.

  2. great. another glass box condo project. this style is not right for our 'little skyline' -- its a drastic and ugly departure from the architectural integrity of the bridgeview bank and surrounding buildings. these buildings -- once occupied -- only end up looking junky and unkempt. i'm disappointed this even being built.

  3. I wouldnt buy there, but I don't see how you can automatically dismiss this as 'junky and unkempt' based on a preliminary render. Added residential density (as long as it's not 'section 8') can only help bring about the kind of street level retail our neighborhood sorely needs. I would never want to see anything like this building cause the demolition of any of our historic buildings, but a surface parking lot is fair game.

  4. I havent recieved one email from anybody about this or the movie theaters on the other corner. I am always open to questions. I also have been here over 14 years in the same spot. I sure am one to know you cant make everyone happy!

    My architects have won design award after design award. ITs my home that will be right next to it. I am pleased with it.

    Permits are a short 60 days out!!
    office is 1111 West Lawrence
    Jim Gouskos

  5. Welcome Jim,
    Thanks for your reply. If permits are 60 days out, when are you expecting to break ground? Any updated renderings or have there not been any changes? Feel free to keep us up-to-date here. We appreciate it.