Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Should This Sign Be Allowed?

We believe that a temporary sign is already up on the new "Sunlight Nail Supply" at 4833 N Broadway. Now the question is whether or not a permanent one in the same style will be allowed.
Here is the email received by Argyle Winmore Block Club residents which was sent to Tom Samuels at 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith's office:


This type of signage is not acceptable to our community neighbors of the Argyle Winmore Block Club. We need to stop these "in your face" light-ups and focus on a plan to transform our community into a neighborhood. ..not a neon strip. This sign wouldn't see the light of day on BrynMar and shouldn't be acceptable in our neck of the woods. We would like the same consideration and community planning that is set in these other areas like BrynMar.

Many of the store fronts on and around Argyle have started to utilize awnings that promote their businesses and at the same time, fit nicely in the community. Even the awning utilized by Tank Noodle seems to fit into a neighborhood look while it has writing all over it to advertise its business.

We cannot imagine that this type of sign is acceptable to Alderman Smith any longer, and we ask for your assistance in setting better standards for new businesses in our community.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,

David J. Farina
President/Argyle Winmore Block Club

UPDATE 5/31: Alderman Mary Ann Smith has reportedly turned down the owner's request to use this type of signage on the Broadway storefront


  1. SBIF.

    This is the perfect use of the program.

  2. this the kind of business we want for Uptown?

  3. SBIF.

    Small Business Improvement Fund.

    You apply for a grant from the City, and they give you money to fix up your business. You split the cost 50/50 with the city, up to $50,000.

    You don't even have to pay the $50K back - it's a grant.

  4. Geez I wish I lived in the 48th Ward. In the 46th we only have to worry about Sex Toys and Full frontal nudity "art" displays in the Tulip's sex toy store windows, sex acts in progress in the Pleasure Chest sign logo, and Daley/Shiller Campaign signs posted in our local head shop store fronts. Tacky nail salons would be a welcome change.

  5. I think it is extremely rude and obnoxious using a picture of Helen.
    Even though I dont agree with her, I do not find it good to let more hate exist and diversify on another website.