Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Sidewalks: The best use of Menu funds?

Anyone who has walked down the 800-1200 blocks of Lawrence over the last two weeks will notice that a significant number of the sidewalk curbs have been replaced. Most of these are at intersections, where sidewalks with raised bumps were added to aid the visually impaired as they cross the street. Given the number of people in Uptown with visual or other physical impairments, these improvements are positive for the neighborhood as accessibility is improved.

Instead of just replacing the sidewalk panels where the new raised bumps were installed, approximately three to four sidewalk panels were replaced that adjoined the corner. In addition, several alley cut-outs were replaced as well. Several of these alley cut-outs were in good condition and I was quite surprised to see them completely replaced.

New sidewalks that replace broken sidewalks are great. New sidewalks that replace otherwise good sidewalks raises questions how the ward's streets and sanitation budget is allocated. These projects were also completed six months after Lawrence was resurfaced, resulting in patching on the brand new asphalt. It seems that money would have been saved if the sidewalk cut-out project was done just prior to the street resurfacing.

Maybe the cost savings could have been used to paint a few light poles...

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  1. You seem really concerned about this; I assume you'll be calling the Alderman to ask about it. Let us know what you find out.