Monday, May 28, 2007

New Places to Eat in Uptown

In the same location as the short-lived Uptown Sweets in the 1200 block of Wilson is Faz's Bakery. Faz's has been open for about a month and offers a wide variety of bakery items, sandwiches and coffee. For breakfast, Faz's has fresh-baked muffins, scones and other sweets, as well as fresh-brewed Gevallia coffee. Faz's also has a rotating menu of sandwiches on fresh-baked bread with a variety of interesting ingredients. It's a great deal too - $5.25 gets you a fresh sandwich, bag of chips and a drink.

It's great to have a bakery right in the heart of Uptown. Let's patronize Faz's to ensure that they will become a staple of the neighborhood.

A little northeast of Faz's on the corner of Lawrence and Kenmore is dib, a sushi bar/thai restaurant. Many locals were sad to see the delicious, fast and cheap Thai food from Preaw Whan disappear. Fortunately, dib has kept many of the same Thai items on the menu, which only a slight increase in price. The dining room has been transformed from a purple kitchenette to a sleek, contemporary black and white dining room in a Trading-Spaces-esque makeover.

The food at dib is very good. As previously mentioned, the Thai is great, with most of the usually Thai dishes on the menu. The sushi is good as well - the fish seems quite fresh and there are some inventive rolls on the menu. This is definitely a neighborhood sushi spot, so don't expect the same culinary creations (or high prices) found at Sushi Samba Rio. If you're in the mood for reliable and reasonably priced sushi on the northside, dib is a worthwhile option.

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  1. Just had a chicken a sandwich for lunch at Faz's. Excellent.