Friday, November 3, 2017

Positive Loitering At Wilson/Broadway, Tonight at 6PM

Positive Loitering is back for its ninth year in Uptown. Residents and police gather in "hot spots" for an hour a week to send a message that the streets belong to law-abiding residents. For more about positive loitering and what it is, check out this article, and this one.

via Uptown Chicago Commission:

"Positive Loitering will take place this evening between 6PM and 7PM. Our location is the corner of Wilson and Broadway (northeast corner) near City Sports.

Stop by for a few minutes or stay for the full hour. Bring a friend, bring a new neighbor, stop by on a dog walk, just come out! We have dog treats for your furry friends.

As always, the 19th District Police are aware of our presence and encourage participation."


  1. I heard through the Grapevine that Jeffrey Littleton was arrested at this event for assaulting one of the CAPS Beat Facilitators.

    1. I have confirmed that Jeffrey Littleon, aka "The Twerker" was arrested last night. Alleged victim is well over 60 years old which could make it a felony.

      Oh joy.

      Perhaps we can put together a gofundme campaign to get Littleton a criminal lawyer. Is Brendan Shiller available? Toss a few hundred dollar bills on the ground and see how quickly he shows up.

      "If the hair don't must acquit"

      Last few days of Uptown related news have been suitably sad and bizarre. The shooting of the innocents at Starbucks counts as sad. The leftists coming to the defense of Starbucks is bizarre.

      Didn't anyone tell remind Ryne that normally leftists attack Starbucks as a big corporate gentrifier etc etc etc?

      As for the Twerker, also known as public enema number 22, he needs to seek some mental health assistance. His schtick has gone from annoying to violent.

      It would be best for him and the neighborhood if he found something else to focus his mania on. Better yet deal with the mania because when this goes to court he'll likely plead down and get probation, but if it happens again he could get jail time.

      He wouldn't do well in Cook County jail.

      Seriously Jeffrey seek some help. Cut out the coffee, get more physically active and avoid anything that makes the mania worse.

      If I were the Judge part of the probation would be avoiding any Uptown related events. Then again Twerkie is innocent until proven guilty no matter what a certain camera may have captured.

      It's really too bad DNA info closed down. Since Twerkie was their go too guy for Uptown related quotes and goofy stories they could have covered this.

      IrishPirate narrator voice:

      "In the criminal justice system hair based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Chicago, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Hirsute Unit."

      Oh man. If it weren't for the shooting this would have been an amusing few days in Uptown.

      Laura Washington is writing about Helen Shiller at the Sun Times again. Trying to drum up support for Helen's fundraiser for the WEst Side Justice center. Go ahead. Look for it. I'm not providing a link. It's too sadly, wryly amusing.

  2. Can someone make t-shirts featuring a caricature of Twerkie's hair behind bars and the phrase "Free Littleton"?

    It can be used to raise money for his defense.

  3. arrested and charged are 2 different things