Monday, November 13, 2023

Dayton Dumpster Debacle

A frustrated neighbor on Dayton writes in:

"Would LOVE some help getting the Dayton Dumpstergate situation resolved, especially since Ald. Clay’s office doesn’t seem too interested.

I first called on 10/30 and left a voicemail to find out what we should expect in terms of closures and restrictions when the no parking signs went up for emergency sewer work on the 4300 block of Dayton. Didn’t get a callback, nor did we have any advance warning that the street would made inaccessible to access the street for several days as of 10/31.

As part of the work the city moved a private dumpster that was legally located on the east side of the street to the west to accommodate their work. Fine, these are emergency repairs and the street had a sinkhole so we can live with that. But then they just left it. This damn dumpster has been blocking the street for nearly two weeks now. Adding insult to injury parking is only restricted form 9-4 for private residential construction so when people park (legally) as this white car is both the garages and the hydrant are inaccessible. It is such a debacle. I have tried calling and have emailed the alderman’s office twice and only heard back to my first email -after a few days-saying that they’d check with the dumpster company to see how much longer it would be there. WTF? How about NOT ANY LONGER? Also, the number listed on the dumpster is disconnected. There are at least two 311 requests in but we are totally fed up. The city’s barricades are gone and but a memory but the dumpster remains.

We have been joking that perhaps we should put a giant bow on it and invite Alderman Clay to a ribbon cutting ceremony. Maybe that would work to get their attention?"


  1. You should have told them that a BLM protest was planned or that you wanted to put tents up for homeless on the spot,
    then they would have responded quickly. I live in Clarendon Park and at some point over the summer all the trash cans on the corners
    dissapeared. I haven't put a notice into the city or the Ward office because I suspected this is the kind of BS we can expect.
    But heh, we have an Aldercritter who "grew up in the Ward and lived here all her life" (and has bugger all to show for it, BTW),
    so that makes her qualified to spew her left wing BS. By that logic, so are Donald Trump and Rod Blagojevich.
    I was looking at what appears to be a good analysis of who voted (and didn't) in the last election. Not what I expected.
    See here for the report:
    Unfornately, I think my takeaway is that we get the government we deserve - if people don't show up for municipal elections, this is what happens.
    It's too early to tell, but by all appearances at this point this is shaping up to be Lori Lighfoot 2.0, IMHO, inasmuch as a radical leftist agenda doesn't have enough broad based support, and we end up with candidates who can't really govern effectively as a result because regardless of their lefty gaslighting and virtue signaling, it all turns out to be the left wing equivalent of "thoughts and prayers" (otherwise know as meaningless platitudes they can can resort to that lets them off the hook from doing anything).
    The really sad thing is that the pathetic 30% registered vote turnout in the last election is on the high end compared to other cities - some have turnout as low as 11% in recent years. The bottom line is that BJ was elected the lowest percentage of registered voters in the past 40 years. Harold Washington would be turning over in his grave, and Stacey Abrams would not be impressed.

  2. Shocking low turnout by Black and Latino voters means that White people voted these people into office.