Monday, October 2, 2023

Double Shooting On Argyle This Morning

Ald. Manaa-Hoppenworth sent out a public safety announcement via email this afternoon:

"Monday, Oct. 2, 2023 — At approximately 11:12am, there was a shooting incident at 1055 W Argyle. One victim was shot in the foot and another victim was shot in the leg. 

Both victims self-transported to the hospital and are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Seven shell casings were found on the ground. The suspect fled on foot.

Our office takes Public Safety very seriously and is working closely with the 20th District Police Department. 

CPD will be filling the area with additional police presence for the next few days. If you have information about this incident, please contact Area 3 Detectives Violent Crimes Division at 312-744-8261."


  1. Just a hunch, but I predict this stretch of Argyle will degrade over the next year+ while the Red Line Station is closed resulting in less casual pedestrian traffic.

    1. I agree with J652. The Vietnamese don't have the political clout and many if not all live in the burbs and drive into the city for their businesses. If they LIVED in the neighborhood or owned property in the area they would have more clout. There are a few SROs that have been there for years and probably need to be vacated and redeveloped. Let a developer come in and rehab those apts like they did on Wilson Ave.
      The Alderman isn't doing their job.

    2. 1. US is a charter member of the UN.
      As such, US observes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
      "The Vietnamese" have the right to exist without you commenting negatively over them. What you do is discrimination on the account of their origin, ethnicity, age, etc. etc.
      I don't know what they teach you at the Department of State, but obviously they don't teach you the right stuff.
      Do appologize to the Vietnamese people in the area for your disparaging remarks!

      2. "The Alderman isn't doing their job."
      Stop acting like a developer! The alderman is doing his job. He was elected by people who've been here all their life. You haven't and you lie.
      Notice that the alderman has the common sense that you lack! He's been elected by people. Do you want me to spell the word for you? P-E-O-P-L-E.
      Learn to pronounce more often the word "people"! Forget the money! If you took an oath for the US, God is watching you. People!

      Now I tell you why I reminded you of the UN. It is because you could raise the argument that there are non citizens. So what? Even if there are non-citizens in the area, they still have rights.
      And you have to respect these people as well.
      More so if you are a big shot at the Dept. of State.

  2. That didn't take long:

  3. Is there a way we can pay the gangs to leave the city? Give them a one way ticket?