Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Post Office To Parking Lot

Do any local historians have info or photos of the old Uptown Post Office at Lawrence & Magnolia? A reader writes in:

"Have you ever run across an image of the old and tiny police station and Uptown Post Office station that sat on the lot at the NW corner of Lawrence and Magnolia before the new post office was built in the 1930s? This old building sat on the parking lot that will be sold to the Uptown Theatre after the CTA expansion. A small gas station stood at the corner where the new post office now stands.

Current parking lot at Lawrence & Magnolia

Here’s a shot of the site from the 1928 Sanborn map.

And what may be a ghostly image behind the Green Mill from the 1924 Uptown Theatre construction photos:

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  1. Very interesting information - I always wondered what was there.

    For the sake of accuracy, though, the lot being sold to Jam is at 1130 W - immediately west of the El - not this one.