Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Someone's Knocking At The Door, Somebody's Ringing The Bell

We cannot stress this enough: Don't let people you don't know into your building.

In the past few days, we have heard of three incidents of multi-unit buildings being entered by people who stand at the locked gates and ring every doorbell until someone buzzes them in.

Uptown is being swarmed by the aggressive "alternate energy" salespeople who gain entry as a group and pound on every door. Often, they refuse to leave when asked and police must be called and trespassing complaints signed.

Now there's another group using the same tactics: people seeking signatures on political nominating petitions. Same technique of standing outside and ringing multiple doorbells until someone lets them in, then going door to door and seeking signatures.

So who are you buzzing in?
  • It may be a volunteer seeking to get a candidate on the ballot.
  • Or it may be a package thief.
  • Or it may be someone pounding on doors who wants a look at your energy bill.
  • Or it may be a burglar checking out who's home, and who's not.
A gate and security system are only as good as the people who live inside the building. Why subject your neighbors (and yourself) to people you don't know making the rounds?


  1. Perhaps it's time to consider an alternative to worry?

  2. Hey Neighbors, anyone know whats going on with the people collecting alderman sigs? I haven't signed, but every time I ask for a one-pager or something so I know who I'm signing for they avoid the question. I can never remember the name of the alderman they are campaigning for either so I never get to look them up. Anyone got some knowledge?